Kitchen Top Appliances


The Kitchen Top Appliances are the multipurpose electric cookers. They are used to cook the Indian dishes and enable the users delay the starting time. Offered are the highly portable as well as simple to use appliances.  Kitchen Top Appliances can be suited for assorted applications such as Baby Food, Picnic food, Travel food, Office lunch etc. They are useful for the regular cooking and have excellent warm function. These are the kind of patented stuffs of cooking range. The said products are made to be designed with patented technology. They are the classic forms of cooking.


Product Image (Mini Multi-cooker)

Mini Multi-cooker

Multipurpose Electric Cooker: Rice as well as other Indian dishes Intelligent Cooker with Delay Timer: Enables you to delay the starting time in order to cook later Carry and Cook Everywhere: Highly Portable and Easy to use Can be used for various applications: Travel, Office, Hostel, Baby Food, Picnic and Regular Cooking Keep Warm Function. Stainless steel body