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We are the first and lone manufacturing company in India to manufacture NSF / ANSI - 58 certified RO Membranes, RO Spare Parts, RO Water Cooler, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers for an entire range of domestic and industrial application requirements.

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About Us

About Us

Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer, exporter, supplier of RO Water Cooler, RO System, Reverse Osmosis SystemRO Membranes, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers, RO Spare Parts and many others. With these products, we are mainly targeting pharmaceutical segment. We have earned excellence in every purity process and hence we boast of superiority in drinking water filtration systems. Since inception, we have developed experience in the complete gamut starting from small scale changes to complete overhaul designing and installation of multi-million pound systems. We make sure that each customer who comes to us is highly satisfied, so that we can have more chances of dealing with them again in coming days.

To define the process of osmosis, it is fluid diffusion via a semipermeable membrane through a solution having a low solute concentration to a higher solute concentration solution. This is done until equal fluid concentration is achieved on the both sides of membrane. Maintaining a large variety of products like RO Spare Parts, RO Water Cooler has not steered our focus from quality.
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