Water Vending Machine

Water Vending Machines offered by us are the coin-operated machines, which can be installed at all Public as well as Private places for offer healthy drinking water. They are suited for rural as well as urban areas.

RO Spare Parts

The RO Spare Parts are the critical parts of the RO systems. These can be used with ease and convenience. They ensure the improved taste of water. The parts are resistant to malfunction and breakdown.

Water Softener Systems

The Water softener systems are engineered to treat the hard water. These can remove the minerals via the process of ion-exchange. Also, these remove the hardness of the water.

RO Water Cooler / Chiller

The RO Water Cooler / Chillers are functional as robust coolers of advanced cooling technology. They can filter out the impurities and make the water safe to drink and cook. They are used at various public and domestic place.

Water Dispenser

The Water Dispensers are engineered to reduce the contaminants. These can reduce the amount of extras of water.  Offered are the advanced dispenser systems, which enable extra cleanliness.

Kitchen Top Appliances

The Kitchen Top Appliances are popular as the multipurpose appliances, which make the cooking easy.  Offered are the best-quality appliances, which can cook the Indian dishes with ease and speed.

Blended Jar

Blended jars offer energy-efficient operation and make the cooking easier. These have modular design and boast of functional design. In addition, these jars are appreciable for their functional designs.